About Us

Ashland Office Supply (AOS) was started in 1959 on Greenup Ave. in Ashland, Kentucky by Frank and Betty Burnette. Betty worked the floor while Frank made sales calls. As the business grew, AOS brought on additional lines such as furniture and equipment. Name Brands such as Steelcase Furniture and Canon Copiers became synonymous with AOS. After a few years, Frank and Betty decided to move to a larger building in South Ashland on 2100 29th street where the Headquarters still sits today housing our Print Shop, Office Supply Store, School Supplies, Equipment Showroom, and Service Department. As anyone can tell you the business grew because AOS gave and still gives great service and offers excellent products. But probably just as important, AOS always supported local businesses and organizations in and around the community.

As the business grew, the Burnettes brought in there son Ron to sell and manage the sales team. A few years later their second son Tom joined the team. First in sales and then taking over the purchasing responsibilities. And later on their sister Jane joined the team. First running the print shop and then moving in to and eventually managing the Bookkeeping Department. During the ’70s and ’80s the Business saw tremendous growth as AOS added lines such as Apple Computer, IBM PCs, and Hewlett Packard Printers. In 1984 Ron and Tom were Managing the Business and they decided to open a location in downtown Huntington, WV. The store would be managed by Hal Zimmer their Brother in Law.

WV. Business Products was located at 1026 4th Ave. in Huntington for 32 years and has recently moved to a new location at 449 Adams Ave. During the 80’s and 90’s many changes took place with the organization. Ron decided to leave and operate his own business in Hazard, KY. Jane left to raise her family and later start her own business in Boyd County. Frank retired but Betty stayed on to run the front floor. There probably isn’t a person in Ashland over 40 that doesn’t remember Betty. She had a smile second to none and she knew the office products on the shelves like the back of her hand. Tom was now President and owner of AOS, and over the next few years, additional locations were added. The business grew in the ’80s and ’90s and AOS opened a second location in Ashland on Winchester Ave. They purchased an OFUSA Office Furniture Franchise. The building houses approximately 5000 square feet of Office Furniture and is managed by Shannon Gibbs.

The furniture store houses many lines of office furniture for home or office at incredible prices. The store offers office design, delivery, and setup services for any size business. And offers window dressings and flooring as well. A few years after opening the furniture store, AOS purchased C&R Office Supply in Pikeville, KY. This now gave AOS a physical presence in Eastern, KY. The store in Pikeville ,C&R is managed by Brent and Winna Burnette. This last addition allowed AOS to expand into many new areas and truly become a Regional Office Products Dealer.

AOS, WVBP, OFUSAKY, and C&R all offer a complete line of Office Supplies, Janitorial and Breakroom Supplies and Snacks, Printing, Office Furniture, and Office Equipment Sales and Services featuring Canon, Lexmark, HP and many more lines we are Authorized to sell and Service.
So all this brings us to AOS is truly